There are Rivers, Bridges, and Worlds
My dream came from people and places, shaped by my experiences. I either unraveled a trauma and became incapable of painting, or I sowed seeds so strong that they carried me through a deep rosebud sleep. During those lost years, the dream I had was so strong that it carried me through. And, as my dream became my reality, I had no idea an upcoming danger would take me to a land without a name. I was separated from myself. I believe that when I decide where I want a dream to go, it will go its own way without my influence, or control. That dreams of meaning exist independently of our influence or participation, and they continue to exist while we are away, fighting dragons and broken bridges we wish to pass, or, falling asleep. As a result, I feel it necessary to share my longing for the infinite with you and the realization that lost dreams await us upon our return to love. My silent heart, where I am an artist, may be accessible through my dreams. No dreams existed. I created the place based on a world so far from reality yet so close to it. As a way of expressing realism, strong responsiveness, and knowledge of life, unconscious surrealism is expressed in the castles of the prince, and, they represent separate universes. In my previous paintings, I have unwittingly depicted golden castles veiled in secret places, so I have touched a surface. It is often as if there are many oceans separating me from my heart, or as if people are separated or connected by worlds, rivers, and bridges. As with temptations and tests in life, there seems to be almost a sense of a small unknown space between. Through it enables to cross borders and reach another world without drowning in a river of waves because it connects us or disconnects us. The moment I jumped into the sea, experiencing the unknown, I realized the place symbolized the invisible, and the way these bridges could be built was through belief and maybe magic. In order to reach the lengths, we must stay creative. When I pondered this thought, which somehow revealed the meaning of my art, I became obsessed, and I did not hold back from expressing it out of my heart and mind. I have written the story of how it unfolded for me, my journey. With my art, I make it my home, and I love it deeply and am aware of the moments around me. In my tale, I am a boat, and I am the ocean. As the waves raged, my hands gradually loosened on the steering wheel, making it easier to let go. It was one day when obligations broke open in my heart that I felt that I couldn't hold on anymore. I was protected from danger by new boundaries, just as I was protected by the edge of a river. While on the boat, weather conditions kept me from waking up. I found myself isolated from the rest of the world when I reached an island, which allowed me time to take care of myself before I could focus on others or the outside world. The waves fascinated me, and my heart was filled with truth. I had no choice but to embark on an adventurous journey as I sailed into the unknown.