The Land of the Naive Windmills 

As a result of drawing intensively at school, I became fascinated by portraiture. During my early paintings, I used colors to decorate, a technique I applied to my early paintings. When I demonstrated my abilities in this area, I was able to draw natural figures. Colors and decorations were an integral part of my family. During my time in Leipzig, I was awed by the instructors and met many artists who deeply inspired me, including Michael Fischer and Bruno Griesel. Eventually, as my artistic journey progressed, I joined a painting class where I discovered that I had a considerable ability to paint and use various tools. In my first exhibition at the industrial Werk 2 in Connewitz Leipzig for young artists, I studied the works of leading local artists and sold my first small windmill paintings.  
In 2018, I began painting more realistically and turned to women's portraits as representations of my work and inspiration.
As my artwork has evolved over the years, purple, green, and red have become significant, as well as white and blue, and I plan on focusing on black and white tones with soft lines of yellow, blue, and rose.

A land of naive windmills, dancing dragons, and spherical trees in the glow of the moonlight. In spite of the title's wide interpretation, it is a collection of childlike spirituality. Don Quixote is on his way to becoming a miller. I wish I were a child, totally unselfish, generous, and wasteful. I hope everyone is happy. Harmony is a desire that many share, and sometimes even demonstrate.

Das Land der naiven Windmühlen, der tanzenden Drachen, der Kugelbäume im Glanz des Mondscheins. Ein zugegeben weitreichend interpretierter Titel. Eine Ansammlung kindlicher Geistigkeit. Don Quijote auf dem Weg, Müller zu werden. Ich wünschte ich wäre ein Kind, völlig selbstlos, weitherzig und verschwenderisch. Ich hoffe es wären alle glücklich. Der Weg zur Harmonie ist ein Wunsch den viele teilen, und manchmal sogar aufzeigen. 

Oil on canvas 50 x 70

Oil on canvas 15 x 30


Acryl on canvas 110 x 90 


The Ballroom, 2004

Toscana, 2004