Apprentice stuccoer, Leipzig, Leipzig Spizz, Leipzig Markt 1, Leipzig distillery cultural center, Leipzig Grimma, Leipzig Lindenau Theater and Gallery, Leipzig Connewitz "Idylle," Werk II exhibition of young artists in Saxony. Reykjavik Studio collaborated with local artists Milano in Reykjavik, Hornig Reykjavik, and Solon Café. Solon Gallery in Reykjavik, 20,000 Christmas postcards. Designed a year-end Christmas card for Barnaheill - Save the Children, Slovakia's Poprad restaurant in Br. Two exhibitions were held at Café Madam Sené in Paris: "Kunst im Kaufhaus" by Gallery Fold, Reykjavik, and Landsvirkjun, an Icelandic artist collective. Lighthouse Gradur Iceland, Gradur Iceland Cafe. In the Workshop, Artist-World Birkenreich, Reykjavik School of Visual Arts. In the framework of the Erasmus program, a school group visited the Netherlands and "one day in Riga 2019" online group exhibition of the Reykjavik School of Visual Art. new technique of tempera painting on paper was founded in 2019. Group exhibition at Myndlistaskólinn School of Visual Arts, Reykjavik School of Visual Arts: exhibition, Old Post Station, Reykjavik: exhibition, Reykjavik School of Visual Arts: online collection, Group exhibition, Erasmus scholarship, Spain La Gome, selected for the Erasmus Mundus Master program in Service Design Strategies and Innovation.